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LVT Flooring, or Luxury Vinyl Tile, is one of the fastest growing and popular styles of flooring in today's market. LVT is frequently made to look like ceramic or porcelain tile and can even use 3D printing technology to give a more realistic look. LVT offers a couple of advantages over traditional flooring, first and foremost that it is easy to remove, which ma kes it a less permanent flooring option. If you would like to change the look of your flooring every few years, LVT can provide this flexibility. LVT is also a highly durable flooring material, and resistant to scratches, changes in temperature moisture and other sources of wear.   


LVT was formerly called "hot pressed tile", because it is manufactured by fusing layers of vinyl together under high temperatures and pressure. The different layers that make up LVT are the back layer, the vinyl core, which is usual made up of two layers of glass fibre, the middle layer, the print layer and a clear wear layer and finally an additional PU protective layer. 

LVT also has the benefit of a softer surface than other flooring such as stone or wood and offers more comfort in the home. Finally LVT offers a more affordable option than many types of other flooring. Since LVT is available in many styles, from wood to stone looks and more and can be produced in a variety of sizes from planking to larger format tiles, it is a versatile flooring option that provides an outstanding fit for a large number of consumers. If you would like to see our selections of LVT at Portland Flooring call us at 503-462-1100 or come visit our 5000 square foot showroom conveniently located in NW Portland. With our unbeatable prices and wide range of product you'll be sure to find something that suits your needs.  



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